Drag & Drop

In Vendre CMS, you can drag and drop content directly into your storefront. Build your pages by inserting text, images, videos, and products in the order you desire. Work in Vendre's Live View and preview the page on various devices. Schedule the content or publish it immediately.

For those looking to create pages with added flair, we offer Drag & Drop Premium, an add-on enabling drag and drop functionality on pages such as Category Pages and My Account.


Customize your product listing with Drag & Drop on category pages

Drag & drop content between the category description and product listings to create a more engaging and informative experience for your customers. By dragging in subcategories with accompanying images, including recommended products, or linking to relevant blog posts, you can tailor each category page to your needs and preferences.

The best part is that the Drag & Drop feature on category pages works just as smoothly as on the rest of the store's information pages. Use the same intuitive blocks and add content with ease – with Vendre Drag & Drop, only your imagination sets the limits!

Personalize your customers accounts with Drag & Drop

With Vendre, your customers can easily manage their accounts by logging in and updating their information, as well as gaining insights into their most purchased products and order history.

We take "My Account" to the next level by offering an intuitive Drag & Drop feature even when the customer is logged in! With customizable content blocks for related products, persuasive videos, and inspiring texts, we transform the customer's account into more than just an information source – it becomes a platform for increased sales and engagement.

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