The platform
for B2C

It is built on best practices from over 100 fast-growing & successful e-commerce companies. Take the shortcut with Vendre to a stylish, selling, and integrated e-commerce.

Scale up with Vendre

Do you want to add more markets or supplement your e-commerce with login for retailers? Thanks to Vendre's scalability, you can continuously expand your e-commerce with new modules. This means you will never outgrow the platform.

Svea & Klarna with nShift

Always provide the correct payment and shipping method for your customer. Through both Svea and Klarna, you have the opportunity to use nShift checkout to give all your customers the best shipping method based on where the customer lives and the size of the order

API, Tracking & Analytics

Vendre has an open REST API that can access orders, customers, products, and more to connect to your business intelligence. You control the tracking pixels yourself and efficiently perform analyses in Vendre's administration and, for example, Google Analytics.

Evolve e-commerce with the best applications. 

Thanks to Vendre's connections to some of the best tools, partners, and applications in the field, it's easy to build the complete customer journey.