CMS with Drag & Drop

Vendre CMS is fully integrated with your e-commerce, and you can drag and drop the content to create a unique experience for your visitors. The CMS picks up the products directly from Vendre PIM, and then you can control that the right content is displayed for different personalized groups.

Campaigns & landing pages

Vendre is built to help you create landing pages quickly. You can create, copy and edit any content through our pre-made blocks. Drag in a product block and select products from a specific category or with a particular tag. Write texts and publish. The landing pages are indexed on Google and can be promoted on your social channels. Stylish, responsive & easy for everyone in the company to work with.


Website & e-commerce on the same platform

Vendres integrated CMS makes it easy to have a website and e-commerce in the same system, with the same administration. Through the integration between Vendre's various modules, PIM, CMS, and CRM, the website can also present products at the right price for each customer. Prices & rights are retrieved from PIM & CRM and give your customer a sense of a whole throughout the customer journey.

Build unique blocks

Vendre, or your implementation partner, easily create blocks that look and work exactly as you want. All your unique blocks can be used on all store pages and are easily indexed by search engines. Combine your blocks with Vendre standards and create the perfect buyer's journey for your customers.