Vendre Sales

Let the company's salespeople manage customers, customer accounts, tags, and order history directly in Vendre Admin. With Vendre Sales, you can also log into the e-commerce store as a customer to quickly and smoothly place an order on behalf of the customer and review unfinished shopping carts.

Effective customer management and
insights with Vendre Sales

Centralize and manage customer relationships seamlessly with Vendre Sales directly in Vendre Admin. Maintain full control over the customer database, manage customer accounts, and create orders without hassle.

With the ability to log in as a customer, you can quickly act on their behalf, create shopping carts, and monitor unfinished purchases for a seamless customer experience. Gain deep insights into customer behavior and needs by easily accessing and analyzing customer information and order history directly from the administrator interface.

Increase accessibility with
digital quotation requests

Give your customers the convenience they deserve! With Vendre's powerful support for quotation management, you not only increase accessibility but also make it easier and more efficient for new visitors or existing customers to submit a quotation request.

They can create their list of items for the quotation, whether it's one or multiple products, directly on the website. Once their shopping list is complete, they submit it along with their contact details. Upon submission of the quotation request, customers receive a confirmation in their browser and via email.

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