Optimize, automate, and scale up e-commerce with Vendre's integrations
to ERPs and apps.

Rest API and file-based ERP integrations

Synchronize data from your ERP to your Vendre store via Open REST API. Through the API, orders, customers, products, price lists, and much more are synced. You also have the option to utilize standardized API connections to a variety of ERPs.

Import everything from products and price lists to inventory and customer accounts using Vendre's file-based integration engine. The file-based interface also supports the export of order files once an order has been placed.

Optimize sales with
marketplaces & apps

Whether you want to automate, personalize, or reach out with your products through marketplaces, Vendre can assist you. In Vendre's integration hub, you're offered a wide range of partnerships and integrations with various external systems and apps!

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Integration to external warehouse, 3PL

As businesses grow, many choose to streamline their warehouse and logistics management internally or by outsourcing their warehouse to a 3PL provider.

Vendre offers ready-made integrations to systems such as Ongoing WMS, Bonver, and Dream Logistics via the Vendre API. This makes it easy for you to connect your Vendre store to an external warehouse.