CRM Customer Management

The entire customer register in one place. Create your fields & put the customers in different customer groups. Export & Import with integration to marketing automation.

Collect customer data

Vendre is your hub for all data about your customers. You can create and change the fields on the customer card yourself and add the data you want the customer to be able to enter. It could be clothing sizes, the age of children, or the car model the customer has.

Work with the data and export to a partner in the Vendre ecosystem. Create targeted mailings based on the customer card or activities the customer has done in the store (e.g., forgotten shopping cart). Of course, Vendre is GDPR-compliant.

Reports, statistics & API

In Vendre, you can access many reports and statistics that give insight into your customers. You can view the reports in Vendre or export them to Excel.

You can also connect your BI system to Vendre API, where you have all the data about orders, customers & products to quickly build the analyses you need.