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Optimize your sales with the perfect sales app for iOS and Android! Register new customers, add products to an order, and allow your customers to sign the order directly in the app.

Vendre ♡ App4Sales

Combine App4Sales with the Vendre order portal or our completely open shop to create the optimal buying experience for your B2B customers.
Talk to our product experts, and they will help tailor the perfect package for your needs!

The app for all industries.

App4Sales streamlines sales for all industries, whether it's home decor, fashion, groceries, or spare parts!

At trade shows, the app can be used to scan a visitor's business card, scan or select a product, and immediately place an order with the new customer. It couldn't be easier than that!

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Fill in your details in the form, and we will contact you with a link to the app where you can create a test account, as well as suggest times for a demo walkthrough.

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  • App4Sales Basic

    740 kr/ month*

    ✓ Start using App4Sales’ perfect Excel import-based sales app.
    ✓ Import and export data via FTP or manually.

    * Price per user, billed annually

  • App4Sales Premium

    950 kr/ month*

    ✓ Automate your sales process with App4Sales Premium’s ERP-link.
    ✓ Full connection to your ERP-system including Microsoft Business Central, NetSuite, SAP and more.
    ✓ Real-time stock levels and prices.

    * Price per user, billed annually

  • App4Sales Enterprise

    1060 kr/ month*

    ✓ Automate your sales process and offer your customers a personalized experience.
    ✓ Dual devices, use the sales app on your tablet and phone.
    ✓ Own stylesheet in the app and own icon for iOS devices.

    * Price per user, billed annually

  • App4Customers

    2680/ month*

    ✓ Works seamless with App4Sales
    ✓ Custom lookbook with mood images
    ✓ Extended catalog functionality
    ✓ 500 client logins included

    * Price per user, billed annually