E-commerce built for wholesales.

Personalization, integration to ERP & included PIM, are some of the advantages of Vendre. Efficient order flow and a personalized buying experience for your B2B customers. In addition, an ecosystem of partners for products and services gives you the power to grow. 


With Vendre, you have everything you need to optimize your digital sales. With integration to your ERP system, lightning-fast storefront, and an ecosystem of partners, you can grow with Vendre.

Smart design

Powerful e-commerce requires smart design. With Vendre, you get a proven best practice that allows you to launch quickly with a standardized solution adapted to your profile. The entire solution is modular, so you decide what you need today and what you want to add in the future.


Why Vendre?

You get a true SAAS solution without version updates, with full support for your entire organization as you grow.

With the help of Vendre's ecosystem of partners, connected ERP systems & consultants, Vendre becomes a crucial piece of the puzzle in your business and for your customers. Start small and standardized or adapt Vendre completely.