PIM - World class product management

Vendre PIM is one of our most appreciated features. Using the PIM system, you can integrate directly into the ERP system and avoid external information-enrichment systems. Dress the products in user-friendly files with images, videos, texts in several languages, ​​and more. The publication takes place directly on the site without additional manual work.

Structure your data

In Vendre, you decide how your products are to be enriched. Choose which tags, specifications & fields are suitable to describe, filter, and SEO-adjust your product catalog. Different fields are often needed for different product categories. You handle everything without consulting hours or unique adaptations.

Filter directly from PIM

The PIM is integrated throughout the entire e-commerce. This means that based on the information found on the product card, you can create functions and filter products in different views for your customer. Among other things, you can create campaigns based on product categories and let your customers filter on selected tags or specifications found on the products.