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Vendre is designed to streamline your business with market-leading CMS, ERP integrations, PIM, and international sales - all in the same platform.

Thanks to standardized packages and modules, you can get started at a competitive price with a short time-to-market and then scale effortlessly.

Discover how Vendre can elevate your online presence and optimize your commerce today!


E-commerce solutions for all industries


Lower TCO with standardized solutions

Thanks to Vendre's standardized and proven integrations, maximizing business value and reducing long-term costs is straightforward. Free support and the platform's scalability, along with no need for version updates, further contribute to keeping costs down.


E-commerce for B2B

Vendre's e-commerce platform offers a comprehensive set of features and integrations specifically designed for B2B sales. In Vendre, it's easy to manage e-commerce price lists, discount agreements, tiered pricing, as well as shipping and payment methods based on your various customer agreements.

Whether you need a product catalog website, a logged-in order portal, or an open e-commerce platform, we have the solution that fits your needs perfectly! The system can easily scale alongside your business, leveraging our various modules, integrations, and our ecosystem of partners.

REST API and file-based ERP integrations 

 Synchronize data from your ERP to your Vendre store using our Open REST API. Through the API, orders, customers, products, price lists, and more can be synchronized seamlessly. You can also leverage standardized API connections to a variety of ERPs.

Import everything from products and price lists to inventory and customer accounts using Vendre's file-based integration engine. The file-based interface also supports exporting order files once an order has been placed.


Popular features and add-ons


International sales

Sell worldwide with one system, one administration, but different customer experiences based on the customer's country, language, and currency. Thanks to Vendre's support for international sales, you'll always present the right message, campaign, and content for each market. This naturally extends to payment and shipping options as well.


Sales App

Optimize your digital sales with the perfect sales app for iOS and Android! Register new customers, add products to an order, and allow customers to sign directly in the app. Combine this with Vendre's order portal or fully open shop to create the optimal purchasing experience for your B2B customers.


Smart Search

Make it easy for visitors to find what they need on the site with a unique search algorithm, relevant suggestions, and error correction. Search results are based on store data but controlled by you! Use product data combined with smart filtering to neatly and clearly display search results on the category page.


Integration with external warehouses, 3PL

As businesses grow, many choose to streamline their warehouse and logistics management internally or by outsourcing to a 3PL provider. Vendre offers ready integrations with systems like Ongoing WMS & Bonver via Vendre API, making it easy for you to connect your Vendre store to an external warehouse.


Quote builder

Give your customers the convenience they deserve! With Vendre's powerful support for quote management, you not only increase accessibility but also make it easier and more efficient for new visitors or existing customers to submit a quote request.


Product builder

Vendre's product configurator is not just easy to use, it's also powerful. It can calculate prices for products with different components and dimensions, and even adapt to customer-specific measurements and preferences. By making simple selections of various products and item numbers, the product can be customized to fit anyone's needs.

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