Retail chains

Reach out with your product range in the best way possible with an e-commerce platform tailored for retail chains.


Take your sales to new levels with e-commerce for retail chains.

By complementing your physical stores with a user-friendly e-commerce platform, you can reach customers with your products online 24/7, significantly enhancing accessibility. Moreover, having an online presence enables you to tap into new markets and expand your customer base.

Take advantage of Vendre's powerful integrations to distribute your content across multiple channels. Synchronize store inventory to stay current, integrate your product catalog with social platforms, and reach out through marketplaces.

Seamless integration between
e-commerce and in-store

Combining e-commerce and physical store sales creates a seamless and flexible customer experience. Customers can shop online and have products delivered to their homes, check store inventory status, and reserve items through e-commerce for in-store pickup. In-store, customers can physically interact with products before purchasing, while also benefiting from price comparisons, user-generated content (UGC), and customer reviews from the e-commerce platform.

Create, sell, and distribute gift cards that customers can use both in-store and online directly through Vendre Admin.

Create a digital storefront
with Vendre CMS

In Vendre's market-leading CMS with Drag & Drop functionality, you create all content without needing coding skills.

Build pages by inserting text, images, video, and products in the desired order. Work in Vendre's Live View and preview the page across different devices. Publish directly or schedule content to align with in-store campaigns.

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