Quote Builder

Take a step towards smoother and more efficient management of quotation requests with Vendres functionality for quotation handling!

Boost efficiency with digital quotation requests.

Provide your customers with the convenience they deserve!

With Vendres powerful support for quotation management, you not only increase accessibility but also make it easier and more efficient for new visitors or existing customers to submit a quotation request.

They can create their quotation list with one or more products directly on the website. Once the shopping list is complete, they submit it along with their contact details. Upon submission, customers receive a confirmation both in the browser and via email.


Simplify administration with direct management in Vendre Admin. 

After your existing/potential customer has submitted a quotation request, you can easily manage it directly in your e-commerce administration. With Vendre Admin, you have complete control over every step of the process!

In the admin interface, you can seamlessly handle and customize the quotation to suit your needs. Adjust prices, add additional products, and fine-tune the details before publishing it for the customer. Once the quotation is ready for the customer, an automatic email is sent with a link to activate the quotation in your store. Customers experience a seamless process as the products are automatically added to their cart, and the quotation prices are applied.

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