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Manage and showcase your product range effectively with an e-commerce platform tailored for Home & Garden!


ake your sales to new levels with e-commerce for Home & Garden.

 By offering products online around the clock, you significantly increase accessibility for customers. Moreover, an online presence enables reaching new markets and expanding your customer base without the need to invest in physical stores.

Take advantage of Vendre's powerful integrations to distribute your content across multiple channels. Synchronize your product catalog with social platforms to build awareness and boost sales with just one click. You can also leverage our User-Generated Content (UGC) partners to showcase how your customers use your products, further enhancing engagement and trust.

Vendre CMS

Vendre understands the importance of creating a visually cohesive website that aligns with your business.

Vendre's CMS is fully integrated with your e-commerce platform, allowing you to drag and drop content to create a unique experience for your visitors. The CMS retrieves products directly from Vendre PIM, and you can control which content is displayed for personalized groups. You work in the same view as your customers and can edit all blocks directly. Previewing changes across different devices is straightforward, and you can publish updates with a single click.


Vendre PIM

Vendre PIM provides you with the ability to centralize all product information in one place. From product descriptions and images to dimensions and attributes, you have complete control over your product information for all your Home & Garden products.



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