Reach new customers and markets, improve accessibility, and increase customer engagement with e-commerce for FMCG
(Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)


Increase accessibility and reach new markets.

 E-commerce opens up a world of opportunities for FMCG companies. By offering products online around the clock, customer accessibility increases significantly.

Moreover, an online presence enables reaching new markets and expanding your customer base without the need to invest in physical stores. Through e-commerce, companies can unlock doors to geographically distant areas and extend across borders, leading to a substantial increase in market share and revenue.


Customized content enhances the customer experience. 

With an e-commerce platform customized for FMCG, you have the opportunity to utilize unique customization to create the best possible experience for your customers.

In addition to displaying nutritional information, unique price lists, bulk sales capabilities, synchronized store inventory, and customer accounts are among Vendre's most popular features.



E-commerce integrated with ERP and warehouse.

For FMCG companies, having updated information and efficient processes is crucial. By integrating your Vendre store with your ERP system, you can effectively synchronize product, customer, and order data, along with store inventory information and more.

As businesses grow, many choose to streamline their warehouse and logistics management by outsourcing their warehouse operations to a 3PL provider. Vendre offers ready integrations with systems like Ongoing WMS, Bonver, and Dream Logistics via Vendre API, making it easy for you to connect your Vendre store to an external warehouse facility.


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