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 Manage and showcase your product range in the best way with an e-commerce platform tailored for fashion & beauty.


Take your sales to new levels with e-commerce for fashion & beauty.

By offering products online around the clock, accessibility for customers increases significantly. Moreover, having an online presence allows businesses to reach new markets and expand their customer base without the need to invest in physical stores.

Take advantage of Vendre's powerful integrations to distribute your content across multiple channels. Synchronize your product catalog with social platforms to build awareness and drive sales with just one click, or leverage one of our User-Generated Content (UGC) partners to showcase how your customers use your products.

Create landing pages that sell

Vendre is designed for you to create landing pages quickly. Simply drag in a product block and select products from a specific category or with a certain tag. Write your text and publish. These landing pages are indexed on Google and can be promoted across your social channels. With Vendre's Shop the look content-blocks, you can use studio images as well as UGC, and link product tags to effectively showcase your products in a fast and sales-driven manner.



Campaigns and upsell in 
the checkout

 Vendre's advanced campaign support offers e-commerce businesses extensive flexibility to customize campaigns exactly as desired. Whether it's "Buy three, pay for two," "Cheapest item free," or "Buy product X, get product Y free," all campaigns are managed directly in Vendre Admin. Many brands opt to use discount codes linked to their campaigns, which Vendre fully supports.

Upselling at checkout presents an untapped opportunity for increased sales. When used effectively, this feature also enhances a positive and personalized shopping experience for your customers!


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