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 At Vendre, we're passionate about e-commerce and continuously seek new companies to collaborate with, elevating the industry to the next level! As a Vendre partner, you gain access to cutting-edge technology, exceptional support, and ongoing training.

Solution Partner

Solution Partners utilize Vendre to deliver e-commerce solutions to fast-growing B2B companies and brands!

The Vendre Solution Partner Program is tailored for providers looking to expand their product portfolio with a powerful e-commerce platform and a robust ecosystem of apps and integrations. As part of the Vendre Partner Program, ongoing training and support are provided - ensuring that our solution partners can grow alongside their customers.

Tech Partner

Do you want to help e-commerce businesses develop their digital ventures? Become a Tech Partner to Vendre!

Gain access to Vendre's API and e-commerce platform, a dedicated contact person for integrating your product, and expertise in digital sales. Increase your visibility in the market by becoming part of Vendre's ecosystem of partners.

Join Vendre's growing network of Tech Partners today!

Close collaborations

At the heart of our success lies close collaboration. We prioritize establishing shared communication channels, maintaining regular check-ins, and actively supporting sales efforts. Our dedicated partner group stands ready to provide expertise on the platform and technical skills, ensuring we deliver exceptional projects together.

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