About us

We want to become Sweden's best e-commerce platform and are cautious about what our customers think of us; we constantly evaluate what we do to improve. Vendre builds e-commerce for companies that want more.

Our customers

Vendre is loved by B2B and D2C. Vendre is often the absolute best fit when the need is to launch e-commerce in a short time with a fixed budget. The projects are result-focused to launch as soon as possible and with priority on your customer.

Vendre is not a consulting company; our goal is for you to get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

About 60% of Vendre's customers are B2B, with a turnover of 5 - 500 million.

Career at Vendre

Fancy a job with e-commerce, a high growth rate, and a company where you can grow? Great, then we'd love to meet!

A hand-picked team with competence in system development, UX, design, market, sales, and project management works with us. We have a great love for Vendre as a product and our fantastic users who use Vendre every day.


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Educations and

We'd like to share what we've learned about e-commerce over the past 14 years. We run ongoing courses on education in e-commerce & system development in Stockholm. Our senior consultants are available for lectures to management teams, sales teams, or marketing departments.

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